The Her Truth Project is a platform for where women can share their truth. We live in a society dominated by perfectly curated social media feeds that often mask the hurt and suffering many women experience. We fail to recognize that people tend to share their best moments, and don’t always show the sleepless nights, stress, and overwhelm that often accompanies the road towards success.

At HTP, you will find stories of anxiety, fear, depression, overwhelm, and a myriad of other issues that so many women navigate. We created this platform so that each and every woman will know that she is not alone. Our heart’s desire is for this platform to serve as a safe place to read other women’s stories and see a glimpse of yourself in them.

We want you to be encouraged in knowing that women from every walk of life experience the exact emotions you may be going through. We expect you to find hope and inspiration in the experiences shared via the HTP blog, however, they are not intended to be substitutes for professional resources such as therapy or medical counsel.