Rebekah’s Story

Name: Rebekah E.

Occupation: Beautiful Bride Box Founder and Owner

Instagram: @Fiercelydemure | @thebeautifulbridebox

Tell us your story:

I have always struggled with anxiety ever since kindergarten. Broke out of the normal 9-5 job due to situational anxiety, where I was having anxiety every other day in an office setting. I decided to step out and start my own Digital Marketing business. I did that successfully, until I got married and we became pregnant quickly, and had a high-risk pregnancy. I just had our beautiful baby boy 4 months ago. Had postpartum depression, due to him being in NICU and me being in ICU right after birth. Stepped out and finally launched my (work) baby, Beautiful Bride Box, a personalized bridal subscription box, pushing past the barriers of being a woman entrepreneur, a wife, and a full-time mom. Isn’t like to let all women know they are not confined and they can feel empowered to do anything despite mental health hindrances and other circumstances. Would love to speak more about my experience.

What advice would you give another woman who is going through a similar experience? 

There is nothing “wrong” with you. Mental health is something that needs to be talked about more, and you are capable of growing past the struggles and state that you are currently in. Having a community of women to help nurture that growth is important and what I wish I had during my struggles.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Yes, mental health is not taboo! Let’s talk about it more! Women are expected by society to be mothers, wives, sex vixens, hostesses, workers, etc. But we rarely get the support we need to wear all the hats we juggle, or that we are “expected” to juggle. Let’s talk about it more, break the taboo!! 🙂

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