Shauna’s Story

Name: Shauna A.

Occupation: Marketing Strategist

Instagram: @iammakingmoxie

Tell us your story:

I was never able to get a “real job”. Two college degrees and roughly a million resumes put out into the world, but no one even wanted to interview me. Feeling like all the hard work I put into bettering myself through an education was useless–a pricey education at that–was a tough pill to swallow. And that’s when my freelancing career began.

After years and years of working for other people, my stable working relationship with a marketing agency came to an abrupt close. It was scary, and as someone who struggles with depression, it made all my deepest, darkest thoughts resurface.

What if there’s a reason I never got that interview?

What if I’m not good enough to do this on my own?

What if I really can’t do this?

The “thing” that ultimately determined how I’d get through all of my fear, overwhelm, and depression was simple, however: I had no other choice. The relationship with the agency ended 3 weeks before my husband left for a 6-month deployment. I had 3 kids who were depending on me. Hell, I was depending on me.

I started pushing harder than I knew I was capable of. I reached out to people. I started conversations. I learned what I needed to know to go from employee to business owner. I proved how strong I was to everyone around me. I proved it to myself.

Looking back at that time in my life, less than a year ago, I realize that without being pushed into this situation that threw me from my comfort zone, a situation that filled me with anxiety like I’ve never known…. I wouldn’t have discovered the best version of myself.

What advice would you give another woman who is going through a similar experience?

Community is everything. If you don’t have a community that lifts you up, find one. Being a creative can be hard, lonely work…. but having women who support you, guide you, and promote you is essential to living this lifestyle successfully.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Shauna is the founder of Making Moxie, a community for female entrepreneurs looking to get the advice and support they need to grow their businesses.

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